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BG-R VSC Policy Adoption Process


The following procedures shall be used to adopt, review, revise or delete Veazie School Department policies:

  1. The Policy Committee is charged with reviewing and recommending all new policies and policy changes to be considered by the Committee.
    1. Individual Committee members, other standing committees, the Superintendent, or other interested parties should submit policy suggestions and concerns to the Policy Committee Chairperson, who will be responsible for presenting the suggestion to the Policy Committee.
    2. The Policy Committee, together with the Superintendent, shall have the responsibility to review and research each suggestion in accordance with Committee policies, to prepare draft policies as appropriate, and to make recommendations to the entire Committee.

      Any VSC member may request that consideration of the adoption, revision, or deletion of a policy be placed on the agenda of any regular Board meeting if the Policy Committee does not recommend action satisfactory to the member.

    3. To the fullest extent practical, the Policy Committee shall discuss proposed policies with staff and other groups affected by the policy.
  2. Upon recommendation by the Policy Committee, the first reading of a new policy, or the revision or the deletion of a policy shall be placed on the agenda of a regular Committee meeting.
    1. Committee members shall receive the policy recommendation(s) and any supporting background materials in advance of the meeting date.
    2. Policy recommendation(s) will be posted publicly in a manner consistent with the Committee’s policy and practice concerning notification of Committee meetings.
    3. Committee discussion may take place on the substance of the policy proposal, and the first reading shall be noted in the minutes.
    4. Any changes to the policy agreed to by consensus or formally adopted amendment shall be made prior to the second reading.
    5. The Committee will determine, by vote or by consensus, if the requested change constitutes a major change to the policy affected.
  3. In the event major changes are referred back to the Policy Committee, the Policy Committee will make necessary revisions and return the policy for a first reading to the whole Committee.
  4. At a subsequent regular meeting, the policy shall be placed on the agenda for a second reading and action. Amendments may be introduced and acted upon. If a main motion to approve the policy is not passed at such a meeting by a majority vote of the whole Committee, the process for that policy is ended.v

    If appropriate, however, further consideration of the policy may be tabled to a specific date.

  5. Immediately upon approval, policies/revisions/deletions shall be disseminated. Policies deleted or changed shall be recalled. The Policy Committee, in conjunction with the Superintendent/designee shall ensure that all policy manuals are kept up-to-date.
  6. Temporary approval of a policy may be granted by the Committee to meet emergency conditions or special events which would take place before formal adoption could be enacted. This temporary action shall be by majority vote of the full membership of the Committee.

Legal Reference: 26 MRSA § 965(1)(C)

Cross Reference: BG – Veazie School Committee Policies

Adopted: ______1/13/2010_________

Reviewed: _______________________

Revised: _______________________