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ADA School Committee Goals


We believe that the Veazie School Committee is responsible to the people and therefore should attempt to reflect the opinion of the community. However, school board members must look to the future more clearly than is required of the average citizen. The results of many of the decisions and actions of the Committee will not be realized at once, but will set the course of education for future years. The Committee should fearlessly support those educational philosophies and procedures needed to promote an adequate education for this community based upon the needs of the pupil population.

The Committee is committed to the education of all students appropriate to the best of their individual abilities; to a constant awareness of the concerns and desires of the whole community regarding the quality and performance of the school system, with the Committee assuming an educational leadership role; to the employment of a Superintendent who will see that the district maintains a position as a quality school system and under whose leadership the school personnel will carry out the policies of the Committee with imagination and dedication; and to the continued involvement of the district schools for the benefit of the district’s young people.

Additionally, some of the Committee’s specific Policy and Direction goals are:

  • to interpret the educational needs and aspirations of the community through the formulation of policies which stimulate the learner and the learning process
  • to manage the school system in accordance with Committee policy
  • to provide leadership in our school in order that the goals and objectives of the school system can be effectively carried out
  • to maintain two-way communication with the various publics served by the school in order to interpret public attitudes, to identify policies and procedures of the school, and to encourage public involvement with and understanding of the school
  • to develop and provide the data appropriate for the management functions of planning, evaluating, organizing, controlling, and executing.

Dec. 2, 2013