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ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession Procedure

The purpose of the following procedure is to carry out the mandates imposed by the various federal and state laws in addition to the Veazie School Committee’s policy

ADC: Tobacco Use and Possession.


  1. Students
    The use, possession, sale, dispensing or distribution of tobacco products by all students is prohibited in school buildings and facilities, during school-sponsored events, on school grounds and buses, and at all other times.
  2. Employees and All Other Persons
    The use of tobacco products by employees and all other persons is prohibited in school buildings, facilities and on school buses during school-sponsored events and at all times on school grounds. In addition, employees and all other persons are strictly prohibited, under law and this Committee’s policy/administrative procedure, from selling, dispensing or distributing tobacco products to students.


In order to enforce the tobacco products policy, the following guidelines shall be utilized by the principal of a school in which prohibited conduct occurs. The principal shall report any violations of this policy/procedure, as promptly as practicable, to the Superintendent.

In keeping with the Veazie School department policy JK: Student Discipline, enforcement should emphasize positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior, as well as appropriate consequences for misbehavior. The focus should be on providing a school environment where students are engaged in constructive learning and interactions with others. Parents should be actively involved in the process of preventing and resolving issues of tobacco use or possession at school.

Principals are expected to work collaboratively with each other to develop age- and developmentally-appropriate enforcement guidelines for their respective schools to ensure that the consequences are clear, appropriate, consistent and consistently applied.

1.  Students:

  1. Prevention/Education
    The school counselor or principal (or other school official as deemed appropriate by the principal) will provide students with appropriate information and activities focused on educating students about the dangers of tobacco and preventing its use. Programs shall teach students that the use of tobacco is harmful; how to resist peer pressure; and address the legal, social and health consequences of tobacco use.
  2. Intervention
    Students will be provided with information and referral, if necessary, to aid them in obtaining cessation assistance from appropriate community organizations. Student records concerning such interventions shall be kept confidential as required by state and federal laws.
  3. Disciplinary Action
    Consequences may range from positive behavioral interventions up to and including suspension, expulsion, and/or reports to law enforcement officials.
  4. Student Referral to Law Enforcement Agency
    The Superintendent or his/her designee reserves the right to refer students to a law enforcement agency, on a case-by-case basis, as he/she may deem necessary. However, the Superintendent/designee shall refer to a law enforcement agency any student reasonably suspected of selling, dispensing or distributing tobacco products.

2.  Other Persons in Violation

All other persons violating this policy, e.g., employees or visitors, shall be immediately directed to cease the behavior. In addition, all persons suspected of selling, distributing or in any way dispensing tobacco products to students shall be referred to a law enforcement agency.  Any employee violating this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures.


School employees, students, and parents/guardians shall be informed of this policy/procedure through handbooks and/or other means selected by the school administration.


Legal References:                   20 USC § 6081-6084 (Pro-Children Act of 1994)
                                           22 MRSA § 1578-B
                                           Me. PL 470 (An Act to Reduce Tobacco Use By Minors)


                                           JK: Student Discipline
                                           JICH: Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
                                           JKD: Suspension of Students
                                           JKF: Suspension/Expulsion of Students with Disabilities

Adopted:  10/20/2010