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CFBR Evaluation of Administrators


The superintendent shall implement and supervise an evaluation system for all administrative personnel. A report shall be made to the Riverside RSU #26 Board of Directors annually on the performance of all administrators, with recommendations regarding their employment and/or salary status.

Formal evaluations shall be made at least once a year, but more often during the first two years in an administrative capacity. Formal evaluations shall be conducted as follows:

  1. Evaluative criteria for each position shall be in written form and shall be made permanently available to the administrator.
  2. Job descriptions, which are part of the evaluative criteria, will be reviewed by the RSU 26 Board of Directors annually and shall be permanently available to the administrator.
  3. Evaluations shall be made by the superintendent or the administrator’s immediate supervisor.
  4. The evaluation process will include compiled feedback from the staff, in aggregate totals.  No individual forms (raw data) from staff feedback forms will be included in administrative evaluations.
    1. The Riverside RSU #26 Feedback Form will be used, either in its online electronic form or in paper form.
    2. All staff in each school will have the opportunity to provide feedback for that school’s principal (and assistant principal if such a position exists within the particular school).
    3. All staff within the RSU will have the option to provide feedback for the following system-wide administrators:
      1. The Superintendent;
      2. The Special Education Director; and
      3. The Curriculum Coordinator.
    4. All administrators will have the right to include or exclude a copy of the compiled feedback in his or her permanent file.
    5. Action plan items may be taken from staff feedback forms.
    6. One reminder notice will be sent to all staff prior to the deadline for returning feedback forms.
    7. If the return rate for feedback forms is less than 50% of the possible participants, the feedback forms will not be used and will be destroyed.
    8. When reports are made annually on administrative evaluations, these reports will include an overview of that year’s feedback process.
  5. Results of the evaluations shall be put in writing and shall be discussed with the administrator.
  6. The administrator being evaluated will have the right to attach a memorandum to the written evaluation.
  7. Results of all evaluations shall be kept in confidential personnel files maintained in the superintendent’s office.

Legal Reference:         Ch. 125 §§ 4.02(E)(3), 8.08 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule)

Cross Reference:         GCOC-E: Riverside RSU #26 Feedback Form

Adopted: 12-14-11