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CB Superintendent


All aspects of the administration of the Veazie School Department are delegated to the Superintendent.  Responsibilities are defined in the Superintendent of Schools job description and administrative functions are carried out in accordance with School Committee policies.

The School Committee annually evaluates the performance of the Superintendent based on the job description (200.1A) and the Superintendent Evaluation form (200.1B) established by Union #87.  School Union #87 administrators will  provide input to the committee on the superintendent’s performance by completing the same form (200.1B).  Feedback from administrators will be collated into a summary evaluation by the School Union #87 Chairperson.  In addition, the superintendent will complete a self evaluation using the evaluation form (200.1B) and submit it to the School Union #87 Chairperson. 

The evaluation process is initiated by the Committee Chairperson in November of each year and is defined in the memorandum of procedure (200.1C) attached to this policy.  The result of the evaluation process produces a Union #87 performance report.  If employment is to continue, the report defines established goals for the upcoming year and addresses the contract status of the Superintendent.

Approved:  2/6/02