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CFA-R Procedures for Administrator Hiring


When the School Committee has determined that an administrative vacancy exists, the Superintendent shall:

1.  Review the job description for the vacant position, and revise the contents to reflect needs and conditions which will best meet the needs of the system.  The job description shall contain:

  1. A statement of the function of the position.
  2. The desired qualifications of applicants.
  3. A statement of responsibilities or tasks.

2.  Develop a notice of position vacancy that will be printed in public and/or professional publications with a regional distribution with the intent of advertising the vacancy widely among qualified potential applicants.  The notice shall:

  1. Be published not less than twice.
  2. Contain a closing date that is not less than one month from the date of initial publication.
  3. Contain a statement of the School Department's status as an "Equal Opportunity Employer".
  4. Contain an address for obtaining application materials and a job description.

3.  Applications shall be received by the Superintendent of Schools.  In the case of a vacancy in the Superintendency, applications will be received by a person appointed by the Union #87 School Committee.

4.  The Superintendent of Schools shall conduct a screening of applications to determine three to five finalists.  The screening shall be based on:

  1. Completeness of the application.
  2. Academic credentials.
  3. Previous administrative experience related to the vacancy.
  4. Letters of recommendation.
  5. Certification of the applicant specific to the vacancy.
  6. Communication with references (both those included by the applicant, and those selected by the Superintendent).
  7. The applicant's work history.

5.  The interviewing of finalists shall be carried out by a committee appointed by the School Committee.  The Superintendent shall serve as secretary to the interview committee.  In the case of interviews for a Superintendent, the committee shall be appointed by the Union #87 School Committee.  Membership on the interviewing committee shall be determined by the School Committee, and may include one or more representatives from:

  1. Teachers.
  2. Pupils
  3. Citizens, including parents.
  4. Administrators.
  5. School Committee.

6.  The interview process shall be designed to effectively assess the administrative skills and abilities of each candidate.  To achieve this outcome, each candidate will be provided with the opportunity to address factors specific to the administrative vacancy.  These factors may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Academic background.
  2. Administrative experience.
  3. Knowledge of current educational trends.
  4. Amount of time candidate is willing/able to devote to the job.
  5. Length of time the candidate is willing to stay in the position.
  6. Skill in crisis management.
  7. Compatibility with the community.
  8. Ability to effectively manage students and staff.
  9. Ability to effectively work with other members of the administration.
  10. Ability to establish an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  11. Ability to set high expectations of pupils and staff.
  12. Ability to supervise curriculum and teaching.
  13. Ability to communicate effectively with school/community groups.
  14. Ability to build and maintain parent and community support.
  15. Ability to coordinate school activities.
  16. Ability to manage financial resources.
  17. Ability to maintain the physical plant.
  18. Ability to direct school support services.

7.  Following the completion of interviews, the Superintendent of Schools shall review all information obtained through the interview process and shall consult with the members of the interview committee.  The selection of the administrator shall be based on all relevant, valid information.

8.  In keeping with the terms of Title 20-A, Chap. 504, 13302, the Superintendent shall nominate administrators for employment, subject to policies and regulations established by the School Committee.

9.  If the School Committee approves the nomination, the Superintendent may employ the administrator.