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DFD Athletic Gate Receipts


For the school year 2012-2013, the board of directors will be authorized to transfer 95% of athletic gate receipts from RSU athletic events during the annual fiscal year, to the School Athletic Facility Capital Reserve Fund and to expend those funds from said reserve fund for the purpose of maintaining the RSU’s athletic fields and other athletic facilities.

The remainder of the gate receipts will be deposited into the Student Activity checking account maintained within the high school. These funds will be allocated specifically for athletic programming to directly benefit students. For any item(s) costing more than $100.00 competitive quotes are required. The building principal has direct responsibility for and oversight over all expenditures of these funds. Additionally, all expenditures are subject to approval by the superintendent.

Beginning in September 2013 and thereafter, 100% of gate receipts will be transferred to the School Athletic Facility Capital Reserve Fund. A budget for the use of these funds will be developed annually and presented to the Board of Directors.

Adopted: 10/17/12

Reviewed: _______

Revised: _______