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DJB Purchasing Policy


The Superintendent shall act as the Purchasing Agent for the School Department and have under his supervision and management the purchase of all supplies, materials and equipment for the use of the operation of the John R. Graham School, and the conduct of sale of surplus, obsolete, or unused supplies, material and equipment whenever the same shall no longer be required for School Department use. He shall conduct purchasing functions in accordance with the provision of this policy.

No purchase of supplies, material and equipment shall be made unless appropriated for by the Town and budgeted by the School Committee, except as otherwise provided by State Law. Purchases shall be made only on written requisitions in such forms as the Superintendent may require and provide. All such requisitions shall state and quantity, quality, description and other specifications of the item desired, and shall be signed by the Superintendent of Schools. Specifications shall be in such form as to permit competitive bidding wherever practical.

At the discretion of, and subject to review and approval of the Superintendent of Schools, the principal or his authorized representative may effect purchases in amounts not to exceed $200. The Superintendent of Schools shall issue such rules and regulations and prescribe such forms as he deems necessary to control such purchases.

Purchases Exceeding $5,000

On all purchases involving an expenditure of any amount in excess of $5,000, competitive bids shall be sought by the School Committee with notice of specifications and closing date for bids to be sent by mail to a minimum of three vendors. Request for quotation shall include the time and place for the bid opening.

At the time and place stated in the notice, all bids shall be opened and publicly recorded by the Superintendent of Schools. Awards following competitive bids shall be made by the School Committee to the lowest bidder. The Veazie School Committee retains the right to reject any and all bids.