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DC Credit Card Use


The Veazie School committee permits the use of Veazie School Department credit cards by authorized school officials to pay for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of work-related duties for the school department. All credit cards will be in the name of the Town of Veazie, or the Veazie School Department.

A pre-determined dollar limit will be set by the Superintendent and/or School Committee. This dollar amount will be reviewed annually.

Credit cards will be secured in the school when not in use.

Approval from the Superintendent of Schools is required for all credit card purchases.

Credit cards may only be used for legitimate Veazie School Department business expenditures and within legitimate Veazie School Department policy limits. The use of credit cards is not intended to circumvent the Veazie School Department’s policy and/or procedure as it relates to purchasing.

Users must take proper care of these credit cards and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss or theft. Any damage, loss or theft must be reported immediately to the Business Office, who will contact the appropriate financial institution.

Purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, represent a conflict of interest, are personal in nature or violate the intent of this policy will result in credit card revocation and discipline of the employee.

Users must submit detailed documentation, including itemized receipts for commodities, services, travel and/or other actual and necessary expenses which have been incurred in connection with school-related business for which the credit card has been used. Detailed documentation must be submitted as soon as possible, but no more than 30-days after use.

On a monthly basis, the Business Office, Superintendent of Schools and designated administrative assistant/s shall review the use of each credit card and immediately report any discrepancies directly to the Superintendent of Schools. If discrepancies are found to be serious in nature, these will be brought to the attention of the School Committee.

First Reading: 12/4/17
Adoption: 1/8/18