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EEA Student Transportation Services


The Veazie School Department accepts the responsibility of providing safe and efficient transportation for its students. 

Walking Distance

The Veazie School Committee will provide transportation only for students living beyond a ½ mile (one half mile) of the school in which they are enrolled.  Distance shall be measured by the shortest publicly traveled thoroughfare from the residence to the school door.  In cases where the distance is questioned, distance will be measure and established by the superintendent.

If an exception is requested, the principal will take into account safety issues, age of student(s) in question, availability of sidewalks, seating capacity of the bus and existing bus routes.  The final determination will be made with the approval of the superintendent.  Such exceptions will be rare and reviewed annually.

Student Behavior

Parents are responsible for seeing that children get to and from their assigned bus stops and for providing appropriate supervision while waiting at or departing from the bus stop.  Students’ behavior while loading/unloading a bus, or riding a bus must be consistent with bus rules, Veazie School Committee policies and Maine State Law.

Behaviors not consistent with the above will result in disciplinary action by the bus company and/or the school.  The bus company will consult with the applicable school administrator for any further disciplinary consequences.  Disciplinary action can be detention or suspension and/or removal (temporarily or for the remainder of the year) from any bus.  Removal from a bus can include transportation by the school’s contracted bus company on field trips or school sponsored events, at the discretion of the principal.

Authorized Bus Stops

Authorized bus stops will be located so as to load and unload students in the safest manner allowed by road conditions.  Bus stops on each route may be clustered together, enabling buses to make trips in a reasonable time, while remaining on major through-roads as much as possible.  To facilitate this, students may be picked up at the intersection of their road and a major through-road, as age-appropriate, as determined by the superintendent/ designee.  Bus stops for Kindergarten students will include pick-up and delivery to the homes whenever feasible.

Parent/guardian permission is required in writing in order to consider any requests to change a student’s usual destination from school for a temporary reason (for example, to visit a friend’s house).  Requests can only be honored if the desired destination is an already established bus stop and as long as the accommodation of the request will not exceed the alternate bus’ capacity.

Consistent Ridership

Adjustments may be made to stops on secondary roads if students living along that road are not consistently riding the bus.  In such cases, on the occasion a student living along the secondary road wants to ride the bus, he or she may be picked up at the intersection of the secondary road and the major road.

Alternative Stops for Daycare

It will be the practice of the Veazie School department to accommodate parents with respect to picking up and dropping off at a child’s daycare whenever possible.  To be considered for a stop, the daycare center must be located on an existing bus route and be beyond the established walking distance.

Requests to Review

Parents may request the superintendent review a student’s bus stop.  A review does not automatically constitute a change in the stop.  Requests for bus stops inconsistent with this policy must be made in writing and submitted to the superintendent.

The superintendent/ designee will develop and implement any procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

Adopted: 6/15/2011