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EEAEFA Video Surveillance on School Property and School Buses

The School Committee supports the use of video surveillance cameras on designated school buses, school grounds and in areas of common use within buildings. Areas of common use include but may not be limited to parking lots, school entrances, hallways, cafeterias, libraries, and gymnasiums

Video surveillance cameras will be located and used for the following purposes: (1) to assist in efforts to promote and maintain the safety of students, staff and other users of school property; (2) to assist in protecting school property and the property of others; (3) to deter unsafe, destructive, or other improper conducts; and (4) to increase the likelihood of identification of individuals who may violate school policies and/or commit crimes. The cameras may be used by authorized personnel to monitor activity

Notice of use of video cameras for safety and security purposes will be provided to students, parents, and staff in appropriate handbooks on an annual basis. Appropriate signage, indicating the use of video cameras, will be displayed outside and within Veazie Community School and on designated school buses.

Evidence of illegal activities may be referred to law enforcement authorities. The school department will comply with all applicable provisions of state and federal law concerning staff and student records.)

The Superintendent and/or designee is responsible for the development of administrative procedures regarding the use of the video surveillance system. Such procedures will address a process for review of video recordings, installation and placement of cameras, monitoring of cameras, retention of video recordings, and storage and security of video recordings.

Cross reference: EEAEFA-R, Video Surveillance on School Property - Administrative

First Reading: 6/5/16
Adopted: 7/7/16