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EEAEFA-R Video Surveillance on School Property and School Buses - Administrative Procedure

A.      Installation and Placement of Cameras

The installation and placement of video surveillance cameras will require the approval of the Superintendent of Schools.

B.      Camera Monitoring

1.      Cameras may be monitored at any time by school administrators, the School Resource Officers and transportation administration for the purposes described in school policy. Cameras also may be monitored by personnel authorized by the Superintendent or designee to ensure the cameras are in proper working order.

2.      In situations when the District’s Crisis Response Plan is utilized, the Superintendent and/or designee may grant permission to law enforcement to view recordings.

C.      Viewing of Recordings by School Personnel and SROs/Student Education Records

1.      School administrators and/or designee, and transportation administrators are authorized to view recordings at any time for the purposes described in district policy.

2.      A written log will be maintained of persons viewing recordings including the date of viewing, reasons for viewing, date recording was made, and camera location that may result in a disciplinary action.

D.      Viewing Requests by Parents/Guardians

1.      Recordings that contain images of students shall not be viewed except as authorized by law.

E.      Storage and Security of Video Recordings

1.      All recordings will be stored in a secure location or password protected server to ensure confidentiality.

2.      Recordings that are not needed for an ongoing investigation can be accessed for no more that 30 days.

3.      Recordings that have been viewed as part of an investigation will be maintained in their unedited form all the time for appeal and/or all appeals have been exhausted.


First Reading: 6/5/16
Approved: 7/7/16