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GCI Staff Development




The School Committee recognizes the importance of developing, maintaining, and extending the skills of staff members and encourages employees to engage in programs and activities that will lead to their professional growth and increased competence.

The programs and activities will allow staff members to accomplish the following:

  • Stay abreast of new developments in their areas of specialty;
  • Familiarize themselves with new research on learning and effective teaching methods;
  • Promote and support school improvement initiatives ;
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate new programs; and
  • Become familiar with required information on health, safety, and legal areas such as Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and confidentiality.

The professional development opportunities may be a combination of in-service days within the school calendar, optional summer work, university courses, on-site workshops, study groups, visitations, and attendance at conferences.

Legal Reference:          Chap. 125: 7.08

Adopted:                      06/04/02