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GCOA Supervision & Evaluation Prof. Staff




The Veazie School Department is committed to providing an excellent education for all students.  Through the evaluation of professional staff, the school department provides for accountability to a high standard of performance for all teachers and support for continuous improvement of teaching practice.  We believe that teachers actively engaged in the continuous improvement of their professional practice will be more effective in promoting student learning.

The superintendent will insure that there will be an ongoing appraisal of the performance of teachers to provide:

A.  A systematic process whereby all teachers may measure and improve, on a continuing basis, the effectiveness of their instructional services, using available professional resources;

B.  Opportunities for teachers to analyze their strengths and areas of needed professional improvement as they relate to teaching-learning process and to discuss objectively the contributions they have made to the school department.

C.  Opportunities for administrators to analyze teacher performance and acknowledge strengths that can be shared with others and assist in developing activities to improve teaching practice.

D.  Effective means by which administrators may make recommendations concerning the continued employment and assignment of personnel, the granting of a continuing contract, and other recommendations to the school committee.

Supervision and evaluation procedures will be designed to address all aspects of teaching performance.

Revised:  11/2/99