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GBEBB Staff Conduct with Students



The Veazie School Committee expects all staff members, including teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, substitutes, educational technicians, custodians, food service workers, secretaries, bus drivers and others, to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards in their conduct with students.  For the purpose of this policy, staff members also include school volunteers and chaperones.

The goal of this policy is to provide for the protection of students and for the protection of staff members.  The interactions and relationships between staff members and students should be based upon mutual respect and trust; an understanding of the appropriate boundaries between adults and students in an educational setting; and should be consistent with the educational mission of the school.

Although it is desired that staff members have a sincere interest in students as individuals, partiality must be avoided as should excessive informal and social involvement with individual students and “pal-like relationships”.  Such friendships are not compatible with the ethics of an educational setting.

Staff members are expected to regard each student as an individual and to accord each the rights and respect due any individual.  Staff members are expected to use good judgment in their relationships with students inside and outside the classroom.

In order to help staff members establish appropriate boundaries in their conduct with students, the following guidelines are provided:

Staff members should not encourage students to keep specific information from parents.

Staff members should not confide in student personal, family, or work issues.

Staff members should use great care in establishing physical contact with students and be very mindful of what is appropriate contact for a particular age,  developmental level, or situation.

Staff members are discouraged from inviting students to their homes or visiting student homes without the expressed permission of the parents.

Staff members are discouraged from maintaining personal contact with students outside of school by telephone, e-mail, or letter  for school non-related matters without permission of the parents.

Staff members should not engage in banter,  allusion, jokes, or innuendoes of a sexual nature with students.


Staff members should not transport students home or to other locations alone without parent permission except in very unusual circumstances.  The principal should be notified when this occurs as soon as it is practical.

Staff members should seek advice and counsel from their principal and other appropriate professional colleagues when assisting students who are dealing with personal issues.



Staff members are expected to be sensitive to the appearance of impropriety in their conduct with students.  Staff members are encouraged to discuss issues with their building administrator or supervisor whenever they are unsure whether particular conduct may constitute a violation of this policy.

Reporting Violations:

Students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to notify the principal or superintendent if they believe a teacher or other staff member may be engaging in conduct that violates this policy.

Staff members are required to promptly notify the appropriate building administrator or superintendent if they become aware of a situation that may constitute a violation of this policy.

Approved:  April 1, 2003