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GCOAA Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Guidelines




1.  Probationary teachers will be evaluated by their principal or supervisor at least three times per year through formal classroom visits.  Each classroom evaluation will include written feedback and the opportunity for the teacher to meet with the principal to discuss the evaluation.  Probationary teachers will also receive a written summative evaluation at the conclusion of each probationary year.

2.  Continuing contract teachers will receive a written summative evaluation and this summative evaluation will be based on at least one formal classroom evaluation in addition to ongoing informal supervision.

3.  All teachers will be expected to develop personal performance goals each year and share these goals with the principal.

4.  The school committee approved forms currently in place for both formative and summative evaluations will continue to be used, with some minor modifications.

5.  During the 1999-2000 school year, administrators and teachers will review current forms with the goal of assuring that these forms support agreed upon standards of effective teaching.

6.  Teachers shall be encouraged to explore a variety of methods in addition to classroom observation by administrators to assess effective teaching.  These methods would include but not be limited to student feedback, peer observation and feedback, artifact gathering, action research, parent feedback, and portfolio development.

7.  The work recently completed by the administrative team will be shared with the teaching staff during the fall of the 1999-2000 school year.

Revised:  11/2/99