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GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff


The Superintendent shall implement and supervise an evaluation system for all administrative personnel. A report shall be made to the Board annually on the performance of all administrators, with recommendations regarding their employment and/or salary status.

Formal evaluations shall be made at least once a year, but more often during the first two years in an administrative capacity. They shall be conducted according to the following guidelines:

A. Evaluative criteria for each position shall be in written form and made permanently available to the administrator;

B. Evaluations shall be made by the Superintendent or immediate supervisor;

C. Results of the evaluations shall be put in writing and shall be discussed with the administrator;

D. The administrator being evaluated will have the right to attach a memorandum to the written evaluation; and

E. Results of all evaluations shall be kept in confidential personnel files maintained at the Superintendent’s office.

In accordance with Maine’s Educator Effectiveness law (20-A MRSA § 13701-13706), by the end of the 2015-2016 school year, the school unit will have developed and piloted a performance evaluation and growth system (PEPG), consistent with the requirements of law and applicable Department of Education rules, for full implementation in the 2016- 2017 school year.

This system, which will apply to the evaluation and growth of school principals, must be approved by the Board.

Legal Reference:

20-A MRSA §§13701-13706; 13802
Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule Ch. 125 §§ 4.02(E) (3), 8.08)
Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule Ch. 180

First Reading: 5/2/16
Adopted: 6/6/16