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IHBA Special Education Policy


The Veazie School Department shall comply with and implement the federal Education for All Handicapped Children Act (P.L. 94-142, codified at 20 U.S.C.  1401 et seq.)  and Title 20-A, chapters 301 and 302, of the Maine Revised Statutes, as supplemented by Chapter 101 of the Maine Department of Education Regulations.  To that end, Veazie School Department shall provide a free appropriate public education to all exceptional students for whom the unit has legal responsibility who

A.  have reached age 5 years on or before October 15 of the current school year;

B.  have not graduated from secondary school or reached 20 years of age before the start of the current school year (July 1);

C.  have an exceptionality as defined by the Maine Special Education Regulations that adversely affects their educational performance; and

D.  require the provision of regular and/or special education services and, if needed, supportive services in order that the student may benefit from an elementary or secondary program.

NOTE:  A free appropriate public education shall be provided in the least restrictive educational alternative as determined by the student's P.E.T. and set forth in his or her I.E.P., all in accordance with the Maine Special Education Regulations.

Adopted:  4/2/91

Reviewed:  12/1/92