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IHBAC Child Find


Child Find:

The Veazie School Department seeks to ensure that all school age students (age 5 through the school year in which they then turn 20) who are in need of special education and supportive assistance are located, identified, and evaluated.  Those who may be in need of special education sevices may include:

  1. students with disabilities who are homeless, are wards of the state, or state agency clients,
  2. students who have been suspended or expelled,
  3. students with disabilities attending private schools or receiving home instruction,
  4. highly mobile students (including migrant or homeless),
  5. students who have the equivilent of 10 full days of unexcused absences or 7 consequtive days of unexcused absences during the school year,
  6. students who are incarcerated,
  7. students who are in need of special education and related services even though they are advancing from grade to grade,
  8. transfer students at any grade level.

This child find responsibility shall be accomplished through a district-wide process.  While this process is not a definitive or final judgment of a student’s capabilities or disability, it is a possible indicator of special education needs.  Final identification of students with disabilities and programming for such students occurs only after an appropriate evaluation and a determination by the Pupil Evaluation Team (PET).

As part of this child find responsibility, the Veazie School Department shall identify, locate and evaluate all students enrolled in public school, private schools, or home schools, including all entering kindergarten students and transfer students at all grade levels.

The child find process shall include obtaining data on each student’s academic performance, gross and fine motor skills, receptive and expressive language skills, vision, hearing, and cognitive skills.  This data will be obtained by direct assessment or by indirect means.

If the child find process indicates that a student may require special education and supportive services in order to benefit from regular education, the student shall be referred to the PET to determine eligibility for special education services.  School staff, parents or agency representatives may refer students to the PET if they believe that the student, because of a disability, may be in need of special education and supportive services in order to benefit from regular education.

Some factors that my be considered when making a referral might include whether the student has accumulated 45 absences during a school year, has school failure, been suspended or removed for disciplinary reasons in excess of 10 cumulative school days in the school year, or has experienced an illness, hospitalization, or accident that may indicate a need for special education and supportive services.  These considerations are guidelines only and do not mandate or preclude referral to the PET.


All school-age students suspected of having a disability that requires special education will be referred to the pupil evaluation team (PET) for an evaluation in the suspected areas of disability.  Referrals of students to the pupil evaluation team may be made by professional school staff, by parents, and by other persons knowledgeable about the child’s educational needs.

The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the Director of Special Education, will develop procedures for referral and the use of pre-referral interventions within the Veazie School Department, and may from time to time amend those procedures as necessary.

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Approved:  10/1/02

Draft 3-29-14