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IJNDC Electronic Communications Acceptable Use


This policy seeks to maximize the equitable use and benefit of the electronic communications network and to present clear guidelines for safe and responsible use.

With access to computers and people all over the world comes the availability of materials of great educational value, as well as information which may be of limited or no value in the school setting.  Unsupervised network use may inadvertently lead to access of inaccurate, illegal, sexually explicit, inappropriate or potentially offensive materials.  Incautious electronic mail exchanges could lead to encounters with individuals who are seeking unlawful contact with minors.  Harassment via e-mail is also a risk.

We believe that the value of information and the interaction available on the worldwide network far outweighs the risks, and that use of the electronic communications network supports the educational goals of the Veazie School Department.  Believing this, the school department promotes a proactive role in informing and educating students and staff on the educational and ethical use of the network.  The Veazie School Department also supports and respects the family's right to decide whether or not to apply for network access.

In order to support the greatest benefit of network use and to minimize the potential dangers, students and staff are required to adhere to the following rules and responsibilities for computer and network use in the Veazie School Department.


Be polite.

Use appropriate language; do not swear.  No messages should contain obscene comments or sexually explicit materials.  This would include sending, downloading, storing or printing of such content.

Do not harass anyone via electronic mail.  No hate mail or discriminatory remarks are acceptable.


Students must obtain the permission of a school staff member before accessing the network.

When using the network, do not reveal personal information such as last names, addresses or phone numbers.  In special circumstances under the supervision of a staff member, pictures and personal information may be published to the web with written parental permission.

Electronic mail is not private.  School personnel who operate the system have access to all computer activity.  Messages relating to or in support of illegal or commercial money making activities are not acceptable and will be reported to the appropriate authority.

Passwords are not to be given out to anyone else.

Do not access or attempt to access anyone else's Internet or e-mail account.

If you receive messages that are mean, inappropriate or make you feel uncomfortable in any way, do not respond to them.  Students should report these immediately to their teacher or another adult.


Do not copy software or information that is copyrighted.  This is against the law.

Treat computers and the network with respect.  Vandalism of hardware or software is prohibited, and students will be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged items.  Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt the system's performance will be viewed as a violation of school policy and will be dealt with accordingly.

Use school computers conscientiously; they are intended for educational purposes and are to be shared on an equitable basis.  Recreational use for games or Internet chats are inappropriate uses of the school's technological resources and are not allowed.

Intentionally seeking obscene or inappropriate material is prohibited.  Should obscene or inappropriate material be encountered, it is the responsibility of the user to move to more appropriate material immediately.

Failure to follow these rules may result in loss or restriction of computer privileges and/or other appropriate disciplinary or legal action in accordance with school policy.

The school will have a parent notification and permission procedure that will include this policy as well as any further guidelines.  No student will be allowed to access the Veazie electronic communications network without signed parental consent.  Parental consent must be renewed on an annual basis.



As a user of the Veazie School Department computer network, I hereby agree to comply with the Veazie School Department Electronic Communications Network Acceptable Use Policy.  I understand that unacceptable use of this network may lead to a loss of access and/or additional disciplinary or legal action.

Student Signature  ______________________________

I have reviewed the Veazie Electronic Communications Network Acceptable Use Policy with my son/daughter.  As the parent or legal guardian of the student signed above, I grant permission for my son/daughter to access network computer services such as electronic mail and the Internet.  I understand that individuals and families may be held liable for violations.  I understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable.  I accept shared responsibility for guidance of Internet use and for setting and conveying standards in accordance with school policy for my son/daughter to follow when selecting, sharing or exploring information and media.

Parent Signature  _                  ____________________  Date  ______________                                       


Name of Student  _________________________________________

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Adopted:  May 6, 1997