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ILB Test and Assessments




In accordance with Maine State Law, the Veazie School Department shall have a comprehensive assessment system.  The purpose of this system is to:

  • produce high quality information about student performance that will inform teachers about this instruction and enhance learning,
  • monitor the school system’s success in helping students meet the content standards of Maine's Learning Results, and
  • certify individual student achievement of the content standards of Maine's Learning Results.

The comprehensive assessment system shall be made up of classroom, school, school union and state assessments.  No one assessment can be used to make a decision about student placement, retention, promotion or graduation.  All of the assessments that make up the comprehensive assessment system will meet the technical requirements of validity and reliability. 

The Veazie School Department will provide and teachers will participate in professional development to address issues of reliability and validity, to develop and maintain consistency in evaluating student work, and to develop, use and adapt assessment data.

Effective assessment is varied, it takes into account learning styles and cultural expectations, it is developmentally appropriate and as much as possible, it is imbedded into classroom work.  

A reporting system will be developed that is manageable and that provides students, parents and guardians, the School Committee and the community with information that is understandable and accurate.  Individual students and their parents or guardians will be informed on a regular basis how the student is progressing towards meeting the content standards of Maine Learning Results. 

The School Committee, on an annual basis, will review and publish school results on the comprehensive assessment system and if required, shall adjust the Comprehensive Education Plan developed in accordance with Me Dept of Ed. Reg. 125.

Sources:          Me. Dept. of Ed. Reg. 125 and 127

Adopted:          August 19, 2002