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IJOA Field Trips and Excursions




The Veazie School Committee recognizes that field trips are important activities that contribute to the education of pupils.  Field trips that are carefully planned and purposeful can be expected to do one or more of the following:

1.         Expose pupils to important cultural events

2.         Contribute to a better understanding of instructional material

3.         Assist in meeting the goals of the Veazie Community School

Field trips are defined as any trip organized and conducted by the staff of the Veazie Community School or its volunteers as a component of the instructional program or as part of a school sanctioned activity.  All field trips shall be approved by the building principal prior to any notification to pupils or parents/guardians.  Requests for a field trip shall include:

1.         A statement of the educational objectives of the trip

2.         An itinerary, indicating estimated time of departure and return

3.         The type of transportation, including any special arrangements such as for a wheelchair lift bus

4.         Plans for food if applicable to the trip

5.         Provisions for adult supervision

6.         Estimated expenses including what will be expected of students/parents/guardians

7.         In cases where the field trip will extend beyond the school day, clear arrangements for how children will be transported home

Following approval by the principal, the sponsoring individual shall provide each parent/guardian with a notice of the planned field trip.  The notice shall include the essential information described in items 1-7 above.  A parent/guardian approval statement containing the signature of the parent/guardian shall be obtained on behalf of each student.  Once collected, the approvals are to be maintained in the office of the principal for the duration of one year.  Exceptions are to be made at the discretion of the administration.

Overnight Field Trips

All field trips which will require an overnight stay must be approved in advance by the Veazie School Committee.  The application will include items 1-7 listed above as well as plans for lodging, emergency plans for sudden illness or accident, and provisions for a level of adult supervision that match the distances traveled, nature of the activity, and age of the students participating.  Travel and lodging costs associated with the higher costs of these types of trips shall be the joint responsibility of the school and the participants.

Adopted:          05/02/89

Revised:           10/02/07