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IKB Homework





The Veazie School Committee believes that homework is an important study skill that contributes to a sound educational program.  As with other skills taught in our school this skill must be framed within the context of purpose and within an appropriate developmental sequence.

1.  Homework helps pupils learn better and faster.

2.  Homework helps families become involved in education, and is one way that parents can make a meaningful contribution to helping their children achieve academic success.

3.  Homework communicates the high expectations that our school holds for pupils and it allows pupils to develop confidence in their own abilities.

4.  Homework helps pupils develop self-discipline and organizational skills--i.e., time management, goal setting and the personal responsibility for achievement.

It is the policy of the Veazie School Committee to encourage the use of homework as a learning tool, and that the amount of homework can reasonably be expected to increase as a pupil advances through school.  The purpose and appropriateness of any homework assignment is the professional responsibility of the teacher based upon individual pupil and class characteristics, and the specific subject matter.