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IKF Graduation Requirements





All students are expected to complete a rigorous course of study as enrolled students of Orono High School. Orono High School diploma requirements are designed to include coursework that prepares students to be able to demonstrate proficiency in Content Standards of Maine Learning Standards and in doing so, prepare students for further post secondary learning.



Content area & credits required:

MUST include:

English Language Arts (4 credits)

Ninth Grade English & Expository Writing (1 ½ credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

Algebra I-A (1 credit) or combination of Algebra I-B1 and Algebra I-B2 (2 credits)

Geometry (1 credit)

Social Studies (3 credits)

World Civilizations & Geography (1 credit)

Civic Engagement (1 credit)

U.S History (1 credit)

Science (3 credits)

Physical Science (1 credit)

Biology (1 credit)

Course(s) with a chemistry emphasis (1 credit)

Health  (.5 credit)


Physical Education (1.5 credits)

PE 9 (½ credit)

Visual and Performing Arts

(1 credit)


Computer Science

Demonstrated proficiency*

Service Learning (.5 credit)

30 hours of Community Service as a Junior

Service Learning Paper as a Junior

Oral and Visual Exhibition as a Junior

Electives (6 credits)

Courses selected based upon the student’s interests, abilities, and the requirements of the field that the student plans to enter upon graduation


*Students who fail to demonstrate computer proficiency in grade eight must do so before they are eligible to receive a high school diploma. (Title 20-A Ch127, §7.02.A.1.e)


Transfer students will be required to meet the same credit requirements as all other students. The Orono High School principal shall determine the progress of the student’s prior educational performance towards achieving Maine’s learning standards in a manner consistent with applicable School Committee policies. (Title 20-A Ch127, §7.02.A.5) Requirements for Service Learning will be waived for students transferring to Orono High School during their senior year.


For those students who have a Special Education Plan, the Individual Education Planning Team (IEP Team) will be responsible for determining accommodations and modifications to the general curriculum necessary to support the student's participation in the general curriculum.

When the IEP Team determines that a student's educational needs can not be met through their participation in the general curriculum, the IEP Team will be responsible for the development of a special education program necessary to meet the unique needs of the student. The high school principal will have the authority to grant credit for alternative programs that may comprise the student's course of study.


Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 periods of study (3 credits/semester) at all times, regardless of the number of credits accumulated unless a special program to the contrary is approved by the principal and superintendent.



Credits from external coursework, such as but not limited to correspondence, online, out-of-district, United Technologies Center, University of Maine, AcademE, or summer school will be acceptable as part of the minimum required when they are part of an approved school program or as part of an alternative school program as defined by (alternative education policy).

Students may apply for external coursework after their freshman year. Exceptions may be made during the freshman year with prior approval of the principal. Applications must be completed through the Guidance Office.

External coursework requests will not be honored for courses currently offered at Orono High School. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis and will take into consideration such factors as student schedule, credit recovery needs, and courses required for graduation.

Any student wishing to have external coursework approved for graduation credit must have prior approval of the principal before beginning such coursework.

Adopted: 11-14-12

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