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IKFC Alternative Education Program




The RSU 26 Board of Directors recognizes that there are students with the potential to complete their secondary education who have difficulty completing the conventional school program. Some students require more support and direct supervision than is reasonably available in a conventional school setting, while others require a highly structured academic experience and a special focus on life skills and/or vocational education.

Referral to an alternative program may be made by school personnel, by parent or guardian, or by an adult-age student. To be considered for an alternative education program, a student must complete an application and interview prior to January of the year of graduation. The written application must include a Personalized Learning Plan outlining intentions for completing coursework required for graduation, and a transition plan for post-diploma career and education goals. Acceptance into an alternative education program will be determined by a committee to include the Orono High School principal, a guidance counselor, and at least one other staff member with knowledge of the student. Appeals may be made in writing to the Superintendent. Decisions of the Superintendent are final.

Students in any grade (9-12) are eligible to participate in an alternative education program. Any student who meets the graduation requirements of an alternative education program will receive an Orono High School diploma, but the transcript will reflect alternative coursework where applicable.

Minimum credits and course requirements for an Alternative Education program are outlined below.

English            4 credits

Math               2 credits

Social Studies  2 credits (must include 1 credit of US History)

Science            2 credits (must include 1 credit of Biology)

Fine Arts         1 credit

Health                         0.5 credit

PE                   1 credit

Career Prep     1 credit

Electives          4.5 credits

  TOTAL        18

Coursework for students enrolled in Orono High School's alternative education program may include, but is not limited to, any combination of the following: correspondences courses, online courses, adult education coursework, coursework through UTC or an approved post-secondary school, or portfolio review/independent study with oversight and credit awarded by a certified teacher in the content area.

                        Adopted:                     11-14-12


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