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IJNDB Student Electronic Device and Internet Use and Internet Safety





Compliance with Veazie School Department policies and regulations concerning electronic devices and Internet use is mandatory.  Students who violate these policies and regulations may have their electronic device privileges limited, suspended, or revoked.  The building principal is authorized to determine, after considering the circumstances involved, whether and for how long a student’s electronic device privileges will be altered.  The building principal’s decision will be final.

Violations of this policy and the Veazie School Department’s electronic device and Internet regulations may also result in disciplinary action, referral to law enforcement, and/or legal action.

Veazie School Department electronic devices remain under control, custody, and supervision of the school unit at all times.

Students have no expectation of privacy in their use of school electronic devices, whether they are used on school property or elsewhere.


The Veazie School Department is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of information that students obtain through the Internet. As a result of the requirements mandated by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Veazie Community School will use the centralized content filtering program provided by the Maine School Library Network to filter Internet access to all computers at the Veazie Community School. This filter complies with the CIPA. It is designed to prevent access to materials that are obscene, contain pornography or are otherwise harmful to minors.  Although the Veazie School Department takes precautions to supervise and monitor student use of the Internet, parents should be aware that the Veazie School Department cannot reasonably prevent all instances of inappropriate electronic device and Internet use by students in violation of Veazie School Committee policies and regulations, including access to objectionable materials and communication with persons outside of the school. 

In the interest of student Internet safety, the Veazie School Department also educates students about online behavior, including interacting with other people on social networking sites and in chat rooms, the dangers of engaging in “hacking” and other unlawful online activities, and issues surrounding “sexting” and cyberbullying awareness and response. 

The Superintendent/designee shall be responsible for integrating age-appropriate Internet training and “digital citizenship” into the curriculum and for documentation of Internet safety training.

Students and parents shall be informed of this policy and the accompanying regulations through parent newsletters, the school website, and/or other means selected by the Superintendent.

The Superintendent of Schools shall develop regulations to implement this policy.

Legal Reference:  20 USC § 677 (Enhancing Education through Technology Act)

                            47 USC § 254(h)(5)(Children’s Internet Protection Act)

                            47 CRF § 54.52 (Children’s Internet Protection Act Certifications)

                            Federal Communications Commission Order and Report  11-125,

                            (August 10, 2011)       

Adopted:  August 10, 2015