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IHBG Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs

The Veazie School Committee acknowledges the provisions for equivalent instruction under Maine law. It further recognizes that the term "equivalent" is intended to mean "alternate" or "other" and is not intended to mean equal or same. The School Committee further acknowledges that it has certain obligations to provide for the needs of all children whose parents reside within the boundaries of this school district and intends that services and resources of the school district be made available to equivalent instruction students within the provisions outlined in this policy.

In order to maintain an efficient and orderly school program, the School Committee directs the administration to develop procedure regarding the availability of school system resources and services in support of equivalent instruction programs that have been approved by the Commissioner. The procedure shall be in accordance with the provisions in IHBGA-R.

Veazie Community School

First Reading: 11/7/16
Adopted: 12/5/16