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JLCC Communicable Diseases


Riverside Regional School Unit # 26 staff shall be alert to signs of illness and communicable disease and refer students who show such symptoms to the school nurse or nurse’s designee.

All students with a confirmed notifiable communicable disease shall be excluded from school and school activities. Student exclusion regulations established by the Maine Center for Disease Control shall be observed. The school nurse shall be responsible for notifying the local health department of all students having a notifiable communicable disease as required by law and Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services rules. The building principal shall be informed of all notifiable communicable disease cases and contacts in the school.

Students who have other types of communicable diseases shall be excluded from school as prescribed by law, or shall observe other protective procedures according to recommendations issued by a health care practitioner.

When a student returns to school after having had a notifiable communicable disease, the school nurse and/or building principal must give permission before the student is readmitted to class.

Legal Reference:         5 MRSA § 19201 et seq.

                                    20-A MRSA §§ 1001(11)(A), 6301

                                    22 MRSA §§ 801, 802, 806, 823, 824

Cross Reference:  Maine Center for Disease Control notifiable disease list:


Adopted: 4/13/2011