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JLCE Life Sustaining Emergency Care


It is the policy of the Veazie School Department not to comply with directives from parents or others that life-sustaining emergency care should not be provided to any medically fragile student(s) in need of such care while under the control and supervision of the school.

Appropriately trained staff members employed by the Veazie School Department whose responsibilities include the provision of life-sustaining emergency care to medically fragile student(s) shall take all reasonable steps to provide such care to any pupil, and shall contact an ambulance in accordance with regular school policies to secure the speedy transportation of the student to hospital facilities.

For purposes of this policy, "life-sustaining emergency care" means any procedure or intervention applied by appropriately trained school staff that may prevent a student from dying who, without such procedure or intervention, faces a risk of imminent death.  Examples of life-sustaining emergency care include (but are not limited to):  efforts to stop bleeding, unblocking airways, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ("CPR").

Approved:       02/01/94