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JIC Student Code of Conduct



Promoting ethical and responsible student behavior is an essential component of the Veazie School Committee’s educational mission.

The School Committee is committed to maintaining a safe, respectful and orderly school environment in which students may receive and staff may deliver quality education without disruption or interference and in which students may develop as ethical, responsible and involved citizens.

The School Committee believes that each member of the school community should take responsibility for his/her own behavior.  To that end, the School Committee recognizes the need to define unacceptable student conduct, identify the possible consequences for unacceptable conduct, and ensure that discipline is administered fairly, promptly, and appropriately.  The School Committee also recognizes the need to provide a school environment where positive behavior is both expected and celebrated.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to students who are on school property, who are in attendance at school or at any school-sponsored activity, or whose conduct at any time or place directly interferes with the operations, discipline, or general welfare of the school.

The Student Code of Conduct shall be distributed to students, parents and staff through methods deemed appropriate by the superintendent and principal.

Veazie Community School Core Values of Respect, Trust, Caring, Responsibility, and Courage

Certain values and behaviors are fundamental to a caring, civil society.  These values and behaviors describe a commitment to respect, tolerance, diversity, and the overall well-being and safety of our school.  They are the basis for ethical, responsible decision making that will lead to a school climate where acceptable student behavior is both expected and celebrated. Respect, trust, caring, responsibility, and courage are guiding values for our school.

The following expectations for student behavior are fundamental to the safe, orderly, and respectful environment in our school.  Each student should:

  1.    Be courteous to fellow students, staff, and visitors.
  2.    Respect the rights and privileges of other students and school staff.
  3.    Obey all School Committee policies and school rules governing student conduct.
  4.    Follow directions from school staff.
  5.    Cooperate with staff in maintaining school safety, order, and discipline.
  6.    Attend school regularly.
  7.    Meet school standards for grooming and dress.
  8.    Respect the property of others, including school property and facilities.
  9.    Refrain from cheating or plagiarizing the work of others.
  10.                 Refrain from vulgarity, profanity, and indecency.

Unacceptable Student Behavior

The Veazie Community School is committed to providing a school climate where people are safe and the emphasis is on living our core values to the benefit of all.  Unfortunately, there are times when mistakes are made and action must be taken to reduce the possibility of such behavior repeating.  Examples of unacceptable behavior and inappropriate actions are:

A. Bullying, threatening, harassing, assaulting, or causing injury to others.

B. Stealing or intentionally damaging property.

C. Distributing, possessing, using, or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug.

D. Using or possessing tobacco.

E. Causing disruption of a class or school function.

F. Possessing a knife, gun or any other object that can reasonably be considered a weapon.

G. Using inappropriate language.

These prohibitions apply to any student who is on school property, who is in attendance at school or at any school-sponsored activity, or who is being transported to or from a school activity.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary procedures are developed by the teachers and administration of the Veazie Community School.  Disciplinary procedures may include - but are not limited to - actions such as direction to process the infraction in writing, time out, time out in the office, loss of free time within the school day, after school detention, parent notification, mandatory parent conference, the loss of the privilege to participate in co-curricular events, verbal or written apology, and restitution.  Serious or continuous infractions may be punishable by either in-school suspension, out of school suspension, or expulsion.

Questioning and Searches of Students

In order to maintain a safe and orderly environment, school administrators are authorized to question and search students if necessary.  All storage facilities (lockers/desks) and laptops/computers remain under the control, custody, and supervision of the school.  Administrators are authorized to inspect and search these.  Evidence of violation of federal or state laws may be forwarded to law enforcement authorities for possible investigation and prosecution.

Student Conduct on Buses

Students are expected to conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards of school behavior.  Students who do not behave on the bus may have their riding privileges suspended.

Student Dress Code

The responsibility for dress and appearance rests primarily with students and their parents/guardians.  In order to avoid a disruptive influence on the school program, a serious distraction to the learning environment, or risk to the health and safety of students, certain restrictions are in place.  Examples of prohibited items include:

- Clothing which promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, or illegal activity.

- Clothing with displays that are sexual, indecent, or insulting.

- Clothing which is worn in such a manner to reveal undergarments or bare skin between the upper chest and mid thigh.

- Chains of any kind.

- Hats, bandanas, and sunglasses.

- Disruptive or inappropriate use of cell phones, head sets, games or other electronic devices.

Students are encouraged to use sound judgment and reflect respect for themselves and others in dress and grooming.

October 8, 2014