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JICE Student Distribution of Written Materials





1.  Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the School Committee to permit students to distribute on school ground leaflets, pamphlets, brochures and other written forms of expression provided that neither the content nor the means of distribution violates the standards of this policy.

2.  Administration

The Superintendent shall promulgate reasonable rules and regulations setting forth in detail the times, places at the school, and manner that such matter may be distributed; provided, that no advance approval shall be required of the content of any such paper.  However, no such paper shall be distributed on school grounds unless each copy shall bear the names of the publishing organization and principal officers, if any, of such organizations and unless a copy of the paper together with notice of where it is to be distributed, and by whom, be furnished to the School Principal, in hand if practicable.

3.  Standards

In exercising the responsibility herein granted, the distributors shall be guided by the following standards:

A.  Content

1.  Obscene or libelous material shall not be distributed nor circulated.

2.  Material from which can be reasonably forecast a substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities shall not be distributed nor circulated.

3.  Material which advocates unlawful conduct shall not be distributed nor circulated.

B.  Distribution

Subject to such reasonable regulations as the Superintendent may promulgate.  Students may engage in the distribution of material in accordance with the following principles:

1.  There will be no substantial or materials disruption of or interference with or delay of classroom activity or of other school functions.  Distribution shall be prohibited whenever the distributors or distributes are engaged in classes, study periods, or other school duties.

2.  There will be no resulting safety or health hazard or littering of school premises by students engaged in the distribution of such papers.

3.  The rights of students to refuse to accept such papers shall be respected.

C.  Enforcement of Violation

Violations of the terms of the policy will be handled on an individual basis by the school administration and could result in disciplinary action including possible suspension and/or expulsion.

Adopted:          02/88

Reviewed:        02/02/93