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JIH Questioning and Searches of Students




The Veazie School Committee seeks to maintain a safe and orderly environment at the Veazie Community School.  In keeping with this goal, school administrators are authorized to question and/or search students in accordance with this policy and accompanying administrative procedures.

Students may not bring, possess or store at school any items or substances which are prohibited by law, School Committee policies and/or school rules, or which interfere with the operations, discipline or general welfare of the school.

Student use of all school storage facilities, including but not limited to lockers, desks, and parking lots, is a privilege granted by the school.  All storage facilities are school property and remain under the control, custody and supervision of the school.  Students have no expectation of privacy in school storage facilities or for any items placed in such storage facilities.  School administrators have the authority to inspect and search storage facilities and their contents on a random basis, with or without reasonable suspicion, and without notice or consent.

If a search produces evidence that a student has violated or is violating the law, School Committee policies and/or school rules, such evidence may be seized and impounded by school administrators and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.  Evidence may be forwarded to law enforcement authorities as required by law or as deemed appropriate by school administrators.

School staff, students and parents shall be informed of this policy on an annual basis through handbooks and/or other means selected by school administrators.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop and implement, with input from legal counsel, administrators, staff and others as appropriate, any administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy.  Such administrative procedures shall be subject to School Committee approval.

Cross Reference:         See policy 400.8.2

Adopted:                      08/03/99