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JJA School Sponsored Clubs and Organizations




The Veazie School Department recognizes the value of student involvement in a wide variety of school sponsored activities and believes that this involvement is an important part of the student’s educational experience.  Therefore, the committee will encourage the formation of clubs, organizations, and activities provided they meet the follow guidelines:

The purpose of the club, organization or activity must be consistent with the philosophy of the Veazie School Department.

The formation of a new club or organization or activity must be approved by the Veazie School Committee upon the recommendation of the superintendent.  Forms for requesting approval will be available at the principal’s office.

A faculty member or an adult approved by the superintendent must serve as the coach, advisor, or adult in charge.

Membership and/or participation in clubs, organizations and activities must be open to all eligible students. Any proposed eligibility requirements must be clearly stated and approved in advance by the superintendent. The formation of such clubs, organizations, and activities must be properly advertised to the student body and include notices of any approved eligibility requirements.

The school administration will be responsible for the ongoing supervision of all co-curricular activities.

Approved 10/02/01

Veazie Community School

Application to Form a School Sponsored Club or Activity

Name of Applicant                                                                                                                 


Phone                                                                          Date                                                      

Name of Club/Organization                                                                                                   

Proposed Faculty Member or Adult Coach/Advisor                                                   


Purpose of Goals of the Proposed Club or Activity                                                               



Types of Activities Planned                                                                                                    




Facilities, Equipment, or Other Resources Requested from the School                                  



Frequency of Meetings                                                                                                          


Start and End Date of Activity                                                                                                

Student Eligibility                                                                                                                   

Principal’s Recommendation                                                                                                 


I have read the Veazie School Committee Policy 200.37 School Sponsored Clubs and Activities and agree to abide by all provisions therein.


Signature                                                                                 Date

Date Approved:  12/04/01