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JJE Fundraising Activities




Fundraising activities by students, school-affiliated organizations and community groups in support of the schools must be approved in advance by the principal and superintendent of schools and comply with the following guidelines. The Superintendent has the authority to develop any administrative procedures necessary to implement this policy.

Fundraising Guidelines

A. Guidelines Applicable to All Fundraising Activities

1.         Fundraising activities must not interfere with the educational program.

2.         The use of instructional time to promote or participate in fundraising activities is discouraged and will be approved only in unusual circumstances.

3.         No student shall be required to participate in fundraising activities as a condition of participating in a required school program.

4.         All fundraising activities must be supervised by an adult.

5.         Activities must be age appropriate, must take into consideration the safety of the activity.

6.         Students are prohibited from participating in fundraising activities involving door-to-door solicitations unless it is specifically approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

7.         No money may be raised or collected, or binding commitments made to suppliers of any goods or services associated with a fundraising activity, until the activity has been approved.

8.         The school unit and/or school name, logo or other insignia may not be used for fundraising purposes without specific approval.

9.         Fundraising activities must comply with federal, state, and local laws, including those related to the school nutrition program, and all applicable Board policies and school rules.

10.        Fundraising activities are not intended to create a public forum or limited public forum.

11.        Any fundraising that will result in alterations or additions to district facilities or property must be approved by the Superintendent and the Board.

12.         Any fundraising activity involving permanent donor recognition (such as installation of engraved bricks, tiles, signs, plaques, etc.) shall:
    a. Include only the donor name (first and last name; no nicknames); or
    b. In the case of a business, only the business name.
    c. Utilize no symbols;
    d. The Board reserves the right to review and refuse any submission which is not compatible with the public school setting.

13.         Any fundraising activity that involves the installation of art work or any other items created by individuals or groups is subject to any school guidelines for such work.

14.         Any items installed or affixed to school property become the property of the school unit. The school unit has complete discretion to remove or replace any item that is damaged, destroyed, becomes outdated or when the area is renovated or remodeled.

15.         The Superintendent of Schools will inform the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis of approved activities.

16.         Written correspondence to be disseminated by the principal will be reviewed and approved in advance by the Superintendent of Schools.

17.         Fund-raising activities conducted by groups that benefit the school or the school district will adhere to this policy (e.g. ParentTeacher Groups, Booster Groups).

Amended:        10/02/90

Reviewed:        03/03/93

Reviewed:        06/05/07

Revised:           07/22/08

Revised:           10/5/15