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JJJ Participation in Co-Curricular Activities



PREAMBLE (from the Educational Philosophy of the Veazie School Committee 1/82)

"That, because children need to feel good about themselves, and because children need to enjoy a school environment that promotes and nurtures their self-concepts, every effort should be made to assist children develop strong, positive feelings about themselves."

Co-Curricular activities are an integral part of the school program.  Co-curricular activities must be consistent with the total philosophy as set forth by the Veazie School Committee.

Students participating in co-curricular activities are responsible to the same set of standards that apply to all students in all aspects of school activities.  Participants are expected to abide by school rules and regulations.

Coaches of co-curricular activities are foremost teachers and are expected to fulfill their coaching responsibilities in the same manner as classroom teachers fulfill their teaching responsibilities.

Although participation in a co-curricular activity is elective, and although eligibility for participation is open to all qualified students, actual participation is governed and limited according to certain rules and regulations.

Co-curricular activities are open to all eligible students in grades six, seven, and eight.  When an insufficient number of these students chooses to participate in an activity, participation in that activity shall then be open to students in grade five.  Should a larger number of students than is practical choose to participate in an activity, team membership will be awarded by grade order as follows:  grade eight first, grade seven, and then grade six.

To participate in a co-curricular activity a student must meet the following criteria:

a.  work is being completed on time

b.  the quality of the work completed is at an expected level

c.  class preparedness and participation is appropriate

d.  proper school citizenship is being displayed

Failure to demonstrate reasonable academic progress and/or proper school citizenship may lead to the denial of participation in co-curricular activities.

Revised:           02/04/93