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JFAB Tuition





The Veazie School Committee supports the education of secondary students by paying the legal-tuition rate to state approved public or private schools.  Furthermore, if a Veazie resident attends the Maine School of Mathematics and Science, the Veazie School Committee will pay educational fees charged by the school not to exceed the amount that would be paid for tuition.

The Veazie School Committee provides a comprehensive K-8 program for all resident students and does not accept private tuition students at the elementary level.  If, during the school year, a family moves from Veazie, their children enrolled in the Veazie Community School or attending high school as a tuition student from Veazie may continue to attend such school for a maximum of fifteen school days.

Exchange Students

The Veazie School Committee supports the educational value of sponsoring exchange students.  The School Committee will support the sponsorship of up to two (2) high school students per school year and will support tuition payment at the approved state public and private tuition rates for state recognized schools.  Elementary exchange students will be accepted upon the recommendation of the school principal as well as approval at the School Committee level.  Application for School Committee support of exchange students must occur prior to March 1st of the school year.

Any exceptions to this policy must have the approval of the Veazie School Committee and must reflect exceptional circumstances.

Approved:        10/01/02

Revised:           09/05/06






Application Deadline:  Applications must be received prior to March 1st.

Sponsoring Organization Information

Name of Sponsoring Organization:                                                                                                    

Profit                 Non-Profit                   

Contact Person:                                                                         Phone:                                              

Student Information

Student Name:                                                                                                                                    

Date of Birth:                                                  Home Country:                                                          

Parents’ Names:                                                                                                                                 


Home Phone Number:                                                                                                                       

Current Grade Placement:                                    Native Language:                                                   

Language Proficiency (English):  Years Studied                       Speaking Ability                               

Host School Information

Name of School:                                                                                                                                

Enrollment Period:  From                                                          To                                                     

Enrollment Status:   Accepted                                          Currently Applying                                    

Host Family Information

Name of Sponsoring Family:                                                                                                             


Contact Person:                                                                            Phone:                                           


Signature                                                                     Date

Date of Application:                                       


Not Approved:                                                



Superintendent of Schools                                          Date