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JFC Dropout Prevention - Student Withdrawal from School




The Veazie School Committee believes that a formal education is essential preparation for adult life.  Therefore, the Committee strongly urges every teacher, guidance counselor, principal, parent and citizen to exert influence to keep all students in school.

Dropout Prevention Committee

Student attendance and disciplinary actions at the Veazie Community School shall be closely monitored by the principal and school staff.  If a student is identified as at risk for dropping out of school, a Dropout Prevention Committee will be formed to develop and implement a plan of action.  This plan subsequently will be submitted to the Veazie School Committee for review.

The Veazie Community School Dropout Prevention Committee shall be composed of the following members:

1.         A member of the Veazie School Committee;

2.         The Superintendent of Schools;

3.         The director of special services;

4.         The principal, guidance counselor and the student’s teacher(s);

5.         The parents and/or legal guardians of the at risk student;

6.         When appropriate, the student at risk for dropping out.

Annually, the principal of the school will review summary reports from the school’s Student Assistance Team, disciplinary reports, school attendance reports and any other pertinent data and report any concerns to the superintendent of schools.  The superintendent will notify the school committee of any concerns that may arise from the annual review. 

High School Dropout Prevention

As required by law, each area high school will develop a Dropout Prevention Committee which will serve Veazie students in grades 9 through 12.  At the start of each school year, the superintendent will notify each receiving high school requesting that the superintendent of schools and/or the Veazie Community School principal be notified any time a Veazie student is at risk of dropping out.  A representative or representatives of the Veazie School Department shall attend all Dropout Prevention Committee meetings concerning a Veazie student.

The School Committee recognizes the importance of success as a motivator and as a factor in a student's commitment to education.  For those students who have been identified as being at risk of dropping out, every effort will be made to provide supports and alternatives that reduce the likelihood of the student dropping out.

Student Withdrawal From School

In the event that students do withdraw from school, school administrators shall arrange for regular contacts to be made with students who have withdrawn from school for the purpose of informing them of the process of readmission, making them aware of alternatives in the community for continuing their education, and stating the school department’s willingness to assist them in their educational efforts.

Legal Reference:          20-A MRSA §§ 5001-A; 5051-A; 5102–5103

Adopted:                      ­11/02/04

Revised:                       11/01/05