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JICA Student Dress Code




The Veazie School Committee recognizes that the responsibility for the dress and appearance of students rests primarily with individual students and their parent(s) or guardian(s).  The Committee will not interfere with this responsibility unless the personal choices of students create a disruptive influence on the school program, cause a serious distraction to the learning environment, or affect the health and safety of student(s). Students are encouraged to use sound judgment and reflect respect for themselves and others in dress and grooming.  In keeping with the goal of the school to provide a safe, healthy, and non-discriminatory environment, the following restrictions on dress will be enforced:

A.  Articles of clothing which promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, or other illegal activity may not be worn on school grounds, at school functions or on school sponsored transportation.

B.  Articles of clothing with displays that are sexual, vulgar, lewd, indecent, or include insulting words or gestures are not permissible.

C.  Clothing that is destructive of school property (e.g., cleats, pants with metal inserts that scratch furniture) is not permitted.

D.  Clothing, footwear, insignia, or accessories that are intended to identify the wearer as a member of a particular gang are prohibited.

E.  Clothing should meet a reasonable standard of cleanliness.

F.  Clothing worn in such a manner to reveal undergarments or bare skin between the upper chest and mid thigh is not permissible.

G.  As a matter of common courtesy, hats unless required and sunglasses worn as accessories are not to be worn inside the school building except under special circumstances with the permission of the principal.

The school administration may require special clothing for health and safety reasons for students participating in physical education, certain extra curricular activities, and specific academic activities.

Approved:        12/04/01

Revised: See Code of Conduct 10/06/14