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KBF Parent Involvement Title I


For the purpose of strengthening the Title I program, Title I administrators and staff must comply with the following provisions:

  • Parents will receive timely written notification that their child has been selected for Title I services and the reasons for the decision;
  • Specific instructional objectives will be discussed with the parent;
  • Parents have the right to refuse Title I services for their child;
  • Parents will receive information on their child's progress through report cards issued on a regular basis;
  • Parents will be notified of training opportunities to help them promote the education of their children at home;
  • Parents' suggestions in the planning, development, and operation of the program will be solicited;
  • Parents' recommendations and questions pertaining to the Title I program will be responded to within 30 days;
  • Parents will be encouraged to be actively involved in their child's educational program; and
  • A Title I advisory council, which includes parent representation, will provide annual input into the type and manner of Title I services provided by Veazie School Department.

The end of the year report to the Veazie School Committee and to State Title I officials shall include an assessment of the extent these provisions were accomplished.

Legal Reference:         34 CFR PART 25 § 200.34

Adopted:                     05/07/02