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KDA School Communications


The Veazie School Committee believes that a high level of communication must exist between the school and community.  Therefore, there needs to be a continuing effort on the part of the school officials to provide effective avenues of communication between the community and school.

1.  Newsletters

The John R. Graham Newsletter will be sent home with students on a regular basis.  This newsletter will contain information on programs, activities, schedules, student recognition, etc.  In addition, school officials will request space in the town's quarterly newsletter, which is mailed to all residents, to publish school information of interest to the entire town.

2.  Administration

Planned Monthly Meetings of the School Committee will be announced in the first newsletter of the school year.  In addition, announcements of monthly meetings and special meetings will appear in the Bangor Daily News prior to each meeting.

3.  Student/Parent Programs

Programs will be planned for parents and students that will center around specific areas of instruction.  Program schedules will be published in the newsletters as appropriate.  These programs may include:

Orientation for Kindergarten parents
Grade meetings with parents (when needed)
Open House
Parent Support workshops
Parent Conference
School plays/recitals

4.  Volunteerism

School officials will continue to promote parent/community volunteers in the John R. Graham School by welcoming participation in school activities.

Reference:       Title 20, Chapter 7, Section 161

Adopted:         01/05/93