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KFB Community Use of School Facilities


The Veazie School Department encourages and supports the use of school facilities by community sponsored groups. When school facilities are not being used as part of ongoing educational programming, community sponsored groups and/or activities may be permitted a wide use of school facilities for civic, educational, or charitable purposes as may be consistent with the requirements of the school. The superintendent or his designee will approve all requests for the use of the school facilities. Town sponsored groups and nonprofit Veazie community groups will not be charged unless activities extend beyond the hours of normal custodial coverage. Nonresident, private, or commercial groups will be charged a rental price to be determined by the superintendent of schools and will be required to sign a rental agreement.


1. School custodial coverage will be required during all use of school facilities. Groups wishing to use school facilities beyond normal custodial hours may be charged for the cost of this coverage.

2. The school reserves the right to require additional supervision for non-school use of the facilities.

3. In general, the use of school facilities by non-school groups will not include the use of school equipment. Should the use of school equipment be granted, fees for the rental of that equipment may be charged.

4. Non-school groups shall be confined to areas reserved or rented and be liable for damages that may be incurred in using the building and equipment.

5. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be permitted to enter any facility, nor shall any person bring, use, or serve alcohol or drugs in or on any facility at any time. Users must follow the Veazie School Committee’s policy on smoking which prohibits smoking on school grounds at all times.

6. Groups wishing to use the kitchen area must do so under the direction of a properly trained person. If it is necessary to have a school department employee present fees for the cost of this coverage may be charged.

7. The superintendent shall establish a fee schedule for nonresident, private, and commercial use of the facilities.

8. A certificate of insurance shall be required as appropriate to the particular use of the facility.

9. Repeat use of the facility may be denied to any group which has not demonstrated appropriate conduct or care of the facilities.


Priority of Use:

*First Priority Users:  Veazie Community School programs, co-and extra-curricular activities

*Second Priority Users:  Municipal organizations within Veazie Community School borders, and organizations that exist solely for the benefit of Veazie Community School

*Third Priority Users:  Non-profit organizations located within the Town of Veazie

*Fourth Priority Users:  Municipal or non-profit organizations located outside of the Town of Veazie

*Fifth Priority Users:   Commercial and profit-making organizations or individuals


  Not for profit,
non resident,
or private use
School Gymnasium $250.00 $500.00
School Cafeteria $100.00 $250.00
School Cafeteria & Kitchen $150.00 $300.00
School Library $100.00 $250.00
School Computer Lab $100.00 $250.00
School Art Room $100.00 $250.00
School Music Room $100.00 $250.00
Classroom Rates (3 hr. sessions) $100.00 $250.00
Athletic Fields (rate per field) $100.00 $250.00


1. Equipment must be operated by a qualified person. Supplies must be provided by the applicant group. Additional equipment such as VCRs, overhead projectors, etc. may be used at an additional fee.

2. Suitable police protection will be determined by the school department.

3. Preparation of athletic fields will be done by school approved personnel but the user will pay for additional labor costs of preparing fields.

Revised: 1/5/99

Reviewed: 01/02/07

Revised:  04/11/16