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KHC Distribution of Materials by Non-School


The distribution of materials by non-school related individuals or organizations will be allowed in the schools subject to the approval of the building principal and the requirements that follow unless the material is deemed to be "unacceptable" as described below:

Materials are unacceptable when they:

  • Attack ethnic, religious or racial groups (so-called "hate literature")
  • Promote hostility, disorder or violence.
  • Proselytize a particular religious or political belief.
  • Promote for commercial purposes.
  • Are libelous, invade the rights of others, or inhibit the function of the school or interfere
  • with the normal operation of the school.
  • Favor or oppose any political candidate.
  • Are obscene or pornographic as defined by prevailing community standards.

Non-school related individuals or groups wishing to distribute materials must submit the material to the building principal for approval in advance of the proposed distribution.  The principal will approve or disapprove the distribution on the basis of the material's acceptability (noted above) provided that the requesting party agrees to:

  • distribute the materials at times and locations within the school or on school grounds as
  • designated by the building principal.
  • remove from school premises all discarded items.
  • not compel or coerce a student or employee to accept any material.

The principal will provide a copy of this policy to any person wishing to distribute material for a non-school related purpose.  In the event the principal rejects a request for the distribution of material, the decision may be appealed to the Superintendent of Schools.  Should the Superintendent disapprove the request, the requesting party shall be advised of the decision and of the fact that the Superintendent's decision may be appealed to the School Committee.

Approved:       02/02/93